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Elorm Mawuli Kwawu is a youth leader who is passionately aggressive in his ideals to ensure that education achieves its core goal of causing social change both in attitude and mentality.

He believes that taking bold initiatives for the greater good of the people should be the driving force behind our actions and inactions. In his firmest convictions and ideological inclinations he holds the view that when we come together as a group which is fired up by an unquenchable faith in mission, we can definitely make positive impacts in the society.

Born some 24 years ago in Agbozume in the Ketu South District of the Volta Region, Elorm Mawuli Kwawu would then complete his basic school education and proceed to St. Paul’s College in the region for his senior high school education.

Having passed successfully, he would then enroll at the Ghana Institute of Journalism to pursue a degree in corporate communications with specialization in Public Relations, Marketing and Advertising.

Currently in L400, he handled some leadership positions in school serving as the 2nd level 200 student to head the institute’s sports Commission.

He is credited with organizing the first ever workshop on sports journalism during his reign.

He was again given the task of leading a team of dedicated students to rebrand the institute in a special campaign. Leading his company (group/class) as the Chief Executive Officer of Real Image Ghana, a virtual company, he made history again by designing the first and only monument situated in the school. The beauty of such an artefact greets anyone immediately one enters the premises.

Currently, he leads some 40,000 vocational, technical and professional students under the Ghana Union of Professional Students(GUPS), serving as its 14th National President.

Interested in world affairs, diplomacy and security issues and hence heads an educational non- governmental organisation. He is the founding president of the The African Center for Foreign Affairs and Security.(A-CeFaS).

He is a pragmatist who is ready to bring to the appreciation of the society how he has introduced innovation to student unionism and chalking some successes amidst political, logistical and financial challenges.